Another year has gone by...

Another year has gone by...

Another year has gone by and so much has been happening in Southwark – we will be asking you all exactly what you have been up to soon, when we send out our member’s Survey.

We LOVE hearing your stories, so please keep sending them into us and it is no different for Community Southwark. Our 2018/19 annual report is available here and an impact report will be available soon so you can see all the facts and figures.

Myself and our Trustees are so incredibly proud of our wonderful staff and volunteers. They have worked incredibly hard and have produced some outstanding results. I hope they are proud of what they have achieved and that the sector has felt the benefit of their labours.

A new year means a fresh new start. Our New Year begins in April with a brand new strategy being rolled out. This means working out what can sensibly be done with the time and resources we have, that will make the biggest impact for the sector. With your support, we hope to make this one of the best strategies to date. We have already got some fantastic feedback from you all (but please do keep telling us) and so here is a sneak peek at some of our thoughts so far:

1. YOU are experts. You have so much expertise, knowledge, experiences and resources – so how can we harness all our strengths for the good of the sector? We want to work on far more peer-to-peer support, grassroots working, engagement and knowledge sharing across the VCS. So what could you give to the sector? What can you share and how? What would you like others to share with you? And how can we support this effectively?

2. I am extremely proud that Community Southwark bucks the trends with a high proportion of women in senior positions, it is a powerful start but we can do more to be truly inclusive and diverse. We want more representation across our trustees, staff and volunteers and we want to make sure we are providing diverse and inclusive support. So how would you like to be involved and represented? How can we make sure we are as accessible as possible?

3. We have a new website coming and we will be engaging with the sector far more and in all sorts of ways: so how do you want to be have conversations with us? Blogs? Social media? E-bulletins? Networks? Conferences? What do you want to know about and how do you want to access and share information?

4. Tackling Top issues: there is a lot going on in our sector but we believe Community Southwark has the power to co-ordinate and support sector-wide responses to key issues facing Southwark. Together we are far stronger. So where could we make the biggest impact by pooling our resources and working with you, supporting you and co-ordinating efforts?

5. And finally, the climate crisis is something that no-one and no organisation can ignore. So we will be working on a programme of support with and for the sector. So what have you already got going on in this area? What would be helpful for you to have support in?

I think 2020 is going to be a really exciting year, one in which the whole sector comes together to tackle the big issues. Community Southwark will by your side to ensure that no organisation is left behind and all the incredible assets we have in Southwark are strengthened even further. Together we will make Southwark the best community it can be.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you all.

Deborah Haymen, Interim CEO


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