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Borough & Bankside CAN
Borough & Bankside CAN

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Borough, Bankside and Walworth currently share a Community Council area in the north of Southwark Borough. Each is a mix of very different areas and communities, with very different histories which contribute to the localities that they are today.

  • Taken together, the community council area has the highest proportion of 16-24 year olds in the borough at 18%
  • Whilst 51% of residents are White (lower than the borough average of 54%), there are huge contrasts between Cathedrals ward at 61.6% and Faraday ward at 39.3%.
  • Black/African/Caribbean/Black British residents represent only 16% of the population in Cathedrals Ward but over 40% in Faraday ward.
  • The proportion of people living in flats and apartments across the area, at 86% is the highest in Southwark
  • The proportion of those in social rented properties across the Community Council is the highest in Southwark at 52%
  • Home ownership across the Community Council is the lowest in the borough at 22%,

Southwark Council has prepared profiles for each Community Council area based on the 2011 census: here is the profile for Borough, Bankside and Walworth.

How CAN we help? If...

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  • you want to know more about issues, activities, groups and networks in your area; or
  • you are concerned about issues affecting your community;

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Southwark Council's "In My Area" website pages provide access to neighbourhood newsletter, local activities, meetings and consultations, and other associated local information.

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Initial discussions with local partners and people have identified a number of issues of concern to local people and their communities, including:

  • Building affordable housing, and maintaining the quality of existing housing stock;
  • Improving the public transport links; traffic levels, roads and poor air quality; and the safety of cyclists;
  • Community Infrastructure Levy, how it is used by the Council for the benefit of the community, and the involvement of the community in decisions about it;
  • Health and Social Care issues, and particularly the community provision of health services.

Local partner groups and people engaged in CAN development discussions so far:

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