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Borough, Bankside and Walworth currently share a Community Council area in the north of Southwark Borough. Each is a mix of very different areas and communities, with very different histories which contribute to the localities that they are today.

For the purposes of developing Community Action Networks, Walworth has less in common with Borough and Bankside and is expected to have its own separate local networks. A number of these differences are illustrated below.

Whereas Borough and Bankside are increasingly seeing the impact of regeneration and investment, given their close proximity to the City of London; this is in distinct contrast to Walworth with its many deprived areas including post-war "sink" estates which are now being replaced as part of longer-term regeneration plans:

  • Faraday ward in South Walworth has only 13.7% of 16-24 year olds amongst its population: this contrasts to the proportion for the whole Community Council area which is at 18%
  • Whilst 39.3% of residents in Faraday ward are White (lower than the borough average of 54%), this is in huge contrast with Cathedrals ward at 61.6%.
  • Conversely, Black/African/Caribbean/Black British residents represent over 40% in Faraday ward, but only 16% of the population in Cathedrals Ward.
  • The proportion of people living in social rented properties across the Community Council is the highest in Southwark at 52%;
  • Home ownership across the Community Council is the lowest in the borough at 22%, a reflection of the increasingly high price of property nearer to Central London

Southwark Council has prepared profiles for each Community Council area based on the 2011 census: here is the profile for Borough, Bankside and Walworth.

How CAN we help? If …

  • you have an idea for something you want to develop in your community;
  • you want to know more about issues, activities, groups and networks in your area; or
  • you are concerned about issues affecting your community;

then contact engage@communitysouthwark.org  

Upcoming events and news for Walworth:

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Southwark Council's "In My Area" website pages provide access to neighbourhood newsletter, local activities, meetings and consultations, and other associated local information.

Upcoming CAN Activities:

You can find out about the next Walworth CAN meeting here: http://www.southwarkcan.org/come_along

Engaging with the Council and other public and statutory sector bodies

You can find a list of your local Councilors here.


Initial discussions with local partners and people have identified a number of issues of concern to local people and their communities, including:

  • Building affordable housing, and maintaining the quality of existing housing stock;
  • Improving the public transport links; traffic levels, roads and poor air quality; and the safety of cyclists;
  • Community Infrastructure Levy, how it is used by the Council for the benefit of the community, and the involvement of the community in decisions about it;
  • Health and Social Care issues, and particularly the community provision of health services.

Local partner groups and people engaged in CAN development discussions so far

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