Mental health

Mental health

Thee have now been four meetings of the Mental Health Provider Led Group (PLG)

The first meeting of the Mental Health PLG took place on 8th June 2016.  At that session , Community Southwark explained the rationale behind the creation of PLGs. Members said that it was important that the PLG linked up to the Southwark Wellbeing Hub and the Local Care Networks.

It was reported that the Council and CCG intended to pool commissioning from April 2017 and bring health and social care together. Early indications were that the commissioners wanted to work with the VCS to co-produce and co-design services. 

Following the main business of the PLG members took part in a short focus group on the development of "Southwark Giving" – a place-based giving campaign which loosely follows the model of the successful Islington Giving and Hackney Giving campaigns. 

The second meeting of the Mental Health PLG took place on 22nd September. The main agenda item was a descussion around Southwark Council and the local CCG joint project to review community adult mental health support and housing. The focus of the project was to scrutinise the support for the 844 highest need and cost individuals living with a mental health condition in the community. 

The final report was likely to be presented to the Council and CCG in November with a meeting with providers and landlords in December. A decision on the new model would be taken early in the New Year with the roll out of a new model in the Summer of 2017.

PLG members discussed the project. It was observed that healthy eating was an important component of health and wellbeing and that that some local provision had closed. Also open access drop ins had disappeared. There was a feeling that the needs of the mentally ill were not getting through to those that commissioned the services. There was a need for regular user input.

PLG attendees also reported that many individuals with mental health conditions were unable to access services. This was too often due to assessments not being carried out and therefore personal budgets not being allocated. 

The third meeting on 19 January centred around the emerging Joint Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Southwark. The CCG updated the PLG on progress and sought views on the key themes identified to date.The six themes are:-

Prevent and identify: Access to high quality and timely services: Greater strategic partnership working: Greater community focus and empowerment of people: Achieve parity of oputcomes: Reduce isolation and loneliness. 

Further work would be required to translate the final strategy into implemenetation plans.

On 21st April the PLG met for the 4th occasion. We had hoped for an update on the changes that were introduced to the delivery of mental health services back in November. However, this did not happen and this item will be rescheduled for some time in June. But we did get to hear from the Patient Engagement and Experience Team from the Kings College NHS Trust. The team are making a big effort within the current developments at Kings – particularly the emergency department changes and on delivering a new quality priority on improving care for people with mental health needs. This work is ongoing and no doubt we will remain in touch as this work progresses.