Enterprise Development Programme: Mental Health

The programme is a five-year initiative funded by The Foundation for Social Investment. It aims to provide business and financial support to charities and social enterprises that are thinking of exploring new enterprise models and require financial or business support to make the transition, with the key aim of taking on social investment in the future.

Support is available to charities and social enterprises working in the mental health sector to make the transition to new enterprises or to grow existing ones.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  At least 80% of services have a primary purpose of supporting people with Mental Health needs.
  •  Have been operating as a registered company / charity for at least 2 years
  •  Experience of trading;
    •  Can evidence current trading activities, which require support / development, or
    •  Commitment from senior management and the Board to pilot / test a coherent trading idea
  •  Approach:
    • Can evidence the involvement / influence of lived experience or coproduction in development of services and enterprising activities
    • Can evidence effective personalised approaches and community connections
  • Last full year accounts:
    • Annual revenue between £50,000 and £1M
    • Income from statutory bodies was a maximum of 80% of the total income (i.e. highlighting a diversification of income streams rather than a single source of income)
  • Can demonstrate a clear interest and intent in further diversifying income streams through trading activity going forward
  • Organisations must be charities or social enterprises. To be an eligible social enterprise, organisations need to:
    • Have a clear social mission
    • Distribute less than 50% of post-tax profits and reinvest at least 51% of surpluses into pursuing their social mission, and
    • Have a constitutional or contractual lock on their social mission, dividend and surplus distribution policy (also known as an asset lock)
  • Location – applicant is based in England with the majority of beneficiaries in England.

For more information please visit the Programme website

Deadline (EOI): 3 March 2020 

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