Nunhead Social Prescribing Small Grant

Community Southwark have a grant of £7760 to distribute to projects set up by residents of the Nunhead neighbourhood, that test a social prescribing approach to better connect people living within Nunhead to local community assets.


In December 2018, research was undertaken (by Unboxed) in  the Southwark Local Care Network which brought together representatives from voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups, local people, and staff working in health and care within the Nunhead neighbourhood  to explore opportunities to better connect people living within Nunhead to local community assets via a ‘Sprint’ (ie. test and learn).

'Unboxed' conducted a short research phase to gain a better understanding of some of the people, businesses, organisations and events that make up the community of Nunhead; and to test and explore the idea generated through the initial workshop further.  pport people and connect them into the community might be. 

This identified 5 possible ideas which could be taken forward with the local community to test and inform our developing model of Social Prescribing, which is being coordinated and supported through the Southwark Social Prescribing Network. 

These ideas were:

  1. The Walking Taxi – how might we help people who are becoming less mobile from being isolated?
  2. Safety huddle – how might we support local businesses and people within the community to listen on for people in need of support and help them to find it?
  3. Revive the ‘voice’ – how might we support the distribution of information about services and activities available within the community?
  4. Reward cards – how might we reward people for encouraging participation in the community? (e.g. stamp card for everytime you bring a new person to a community event)
  5. Community Wellbeing and assessment service – how might we gain a better understanding of the needs of individuals within the community? (e.g. through a mobile service to visit people in cafes, shops, hairdressers and assess them on a tool like the wellbeing wheel).

Applications are now invited to develop these or other simiilar ideas. To apply, please respond to the following questions:


  • Are you a resident of the 'Nunhead' neighbourhood?
  • What is your project idea? Include details of activities, timescales, participants, recruitment etc. (Max 500 words)
  • How to you know there's a need for the proposed project? (Max 300 words)
  • What has the community's role been in designing the proposed project? (Max 300 rods)
  • Please fill out the below outcomes framework
  • Please include a budget with the breakdown of costs associated with your project.


*Joint bids for projects working in partnership with local groups are encouraged.


Please read this outcomes framework template and  send completed applications to 

Deadline: Extended to 19 February 2020, with projects to start at the beginning of March.

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