Mindbench are proud to partner with Southwark Giving #iLoveSmallCharities

Mindbench are proud to partner with Southwark Giving #iLoveSmallCharities

It’s day 4 of Small Charity Week

Southwark Giving exists to champion, reinforce (not duplicate) and further effective charities which deliver effective services within the borough of Southwark to people who are affected by Life Transitions – including children, young people and older adults. 

We’re delighted to help champion and help raise the profile of effective charities who deliver invaluable services often to society’s most vulnerable people.

Today’s theme, in small charities weeks, is fundraising – something we are always active in to help generate donations to our Fund!

One of the ways in which we fundraise is by formally partnering with businesses. Through this partnership businesses offer their proactive support, including fundraising, to help us to help small charities and their fantastic and much-needed frontline work.  

Richard Stewart is Managing Director of recruitment consultancy firm, Mindbench, based in London Bridge and his company is one of our partners.

Richard is a Southwark resident and is passionate about small charities.

So, for small charities week, Richard wanted to share a few words about why he chose to partner with Southwark Giving. 

Richard writes, “Mindbench chose to support Southwark Giving, as a very small local charity, to work together in partnership because we feel they align well with our goal of contributing to the local community in a meaningful and targeted way.

I have lived in Bermondsey for many years and Mindbench has been based in Southwark for almost 15 years! In our work we help clients recruit and candidates with career development. The borough of Southwark that I, and my team, work in is highly diverse and although there are wonderful opportunities for people and wealth in areas, there is also significant disadvantage and pockets of poverty. So, we believe we can offer our support – financial and non-financial – to people who experience disadvantage at points of difficult transitions in life.

Southwark Giving enables us to offer our support this through its work championing and supporting small charities and we have further community reach than without working with Southwark Giving. This is because we get to target specific needs collectively with others and so offering greater impact for all.

So far, we have mainly supported Southwark Giving through various fundraising activities – including holding successful fundraising BBQs and even having a staff team member run his first ever London Marathon this year!

Partnering with Southwark Giving has provided various business benefits already, not least supporting and developing employee engagement and team building opportunities.

I and my team are looking forward to seeing Southwark Giving continue to develop and have increasing impact with incredible small charities in the borough through their work with them that is yet to come. 

It is good to feel part of something which is having a positive impact on the lives of the people in Southwark. And, I recommend you be part of it too!

 Get involved

If you would like to help the invaluable work of small charities in the borough helping life be a little easier at times of difficult transition and fundraise for Southwark Giving’s Fund whether it be through business partnering, community or individual fundraising activities, please do get in touch – hello@southwarkgiving.org

If you would like to make a donation to Southwark Giving's Fund to help us help further effective charities in their frontline work within the theme of Life Transitions, you can do so here.

Our sincere thanks to Richard and team Mindbench for their valued support for our work to help small charities continue to deliver their vital community work in the borough.




Useful toolkits

As part of Small Charity Week the FSI and Small Charity Week partners will also be releasing a range of free informative toolkits for your small charity during the week. Keep an eye on the website for more information about this and the competition here.

Our Support

Please get in touch if you would like any support for your charity, we deliver a range of training and consultancyservices designd specifically to help, email: development@communitysouthwark.org

You can also find a wealth of factsheets and handy guides on our website here.

If you want to find out what volunteering opportunities are in the borough we can help, email: volunteering@communitysouthwark.org

If you have an inside or outside space that needs improvement, our INVOLVE team can help, email: info@communitysouthwark.org


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