The Road Ahead - NCVO's voluntary sector report

The Road Ahead - NCVO's voluntary sector report

The Road Ahead is NCVO's annual analysis of the changing operating environment for anyone working in the voluntary sector. It identifies and explains forces and trends that are shaping the sector and are likely to have an impact on organisations in the future.

As in previous years, this report was developed using a PEST analysis to highlight the key drivers shaping the sector in four areas: political, economic, social and technological. NCVO used a wide range of information sources: from official statistics and research to the latest economic forecasts and futures analysis, as well as calling on the expertise of our colleagues at NCVO. They mainly focus on general trends and drivers likely to impact on a broad range of organisations in the sector.

The report begins with a commentary from Elizabeth Chamberlain, NCVO’s head of policy and public services. She reflects on the four areas as a whole, and how they might combine to shape the future of voluntary organisations and voluntary action.

All of the issues highlighted in The Road Ahead present opportunities and challenges for voluntary organisations.

Read the full report here.

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