Scam Awareness weeks: 10 to 23 June

Scam Awareness weeks: 10 to 23 June

Scams happen to anyone. The 2019 Scam Awareness Campaign is coming up. It’s an annual activity that raises awareness and empowers people to take action against scam crimes. Citizens Advice will work with partners to give people the knowledge and confidence to stop, report and talk about scams.

Aim of the campaign: Alert consumers who ‘stop, report and talk’ when they see a scam.

When: 10 to 23 June

  • Week 1 beginning Monday 10 June = Older people: most detrimental scams
  • Week 2 beginning Monday 17 June = The “life established”: most attempted scams

HOOK+ HASHTAG: Could it be a scam? #scamaware STOP.REPORT.TALK.

Advice for consumers

  • How to spot a scam
  • Reporting a scam
  • Common scams

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