‘Disabilities Hub’ for people in Southwark

‘Disabilities Hub’ for people in Southwark

A change is being proposed to the way people with disabilities access support in Southwark.

This will see the development of an accessible Hub, to provide information, advice and care and support to individuals whose lives are affected by disability and a change to day centre services in Southwark.

Responses can be provided on-line here by 7 August.


The Care Act 2014, places a duty on local authorities to provide adults in need and their carers with information about care and support arrangements; the care and support choices they have; how the care system operates and how to access this support.

In Southwark, this is known as the ‘local community offer’ and it is proposed that this will be delivered via the establishment of community ‘hubs’ for people with disabilities, people with lived experience of mental health, older people and carers.

These hubs will deal with initial contacts and questions, and where required, will put individuals in contact with a range of universal, preventative and targeted services.

The Care Act requires local authorities to complete assessments for people, including carers, who appear to have a need for care and support. The local authority must then apply a national eligibility threshold to determine whether the individual has eligible needs.

A local authority must help a person plan how their eligible needs will met through the preparation of a care and support plan or support plan for carers.

In Southwark, many individuals with disabilities meet some of their needs by attending a day service, either run by the council, or by an independent organisation and paid for with a personal budget.

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