Could you do with a few hours more volunteering support each week?

The Globe Academy have developed an enrichment programme for their 6th Form students and are looking for community groups and organisations who would benefit from:

  • 2h volunteer time every week during term time
  • on a Wednesday
  • from 1:30pm

Young people can bring a wealth of skills and enthusiasm to your organisation. 

Do you run activities on a Wednesday afternoon where you need some extra help to set up, support the activities (cooking, serving lunch, singing, arts and crafts, making tea/coffee, sports, reading, playing games) for old and young?

Then utilising these young people can really help you. And providing them with an insight into your services gives them vital information about career and education choices for their future.

You may be worrying about DBS checks and the risks involved with using young volunteers – but it’s not as complicated as you think! And we can help you negotiate it.

Want to know more?

If this is an opportunity you want to investigate further, get in touch with