Kipling Estate Community event - 17 June

17June 2017
Kipling Estate

Kipling Estate is due to hold a Community Engagement event in June.

The event will bring together local institutions and businesses for a day of workshops and food for the community.

The aim of the event is to engage with the community and to promote collaboration between the institutions, NGOs and local traders in the area -  creating an event by the community for the community. 

The team are still engaging with different NGOs and traders, but these are the collaborators on board at the moment:

  1. Austin Emery, Artist - stone carving workshop (work will be put together to create a sculpture for the estate):
  2. Joanne Salley, Artist (Drawing Workshop):
  3. John Harvard Library (Storytelling and Poetry Workshop)
  4. King's College Smile Society (Dental Workshop)