Small Groups Network Meeting - 24 April 2018

Small Groups Network Meeting - 24 April 2018
24April 201817:30


Cambridge House, 1 Addington Square SE5 0HF

The Small Groups Network meeting brings together people from community groups that are either completely run by volunteers, or have fewer than 2 paid members of staff. It is an opportunity to think about grassroots activity in the borough, network and meet others, and get support and information that is tailored to your needs.

Recent Meetings / Themes
Over the last few meetings, the focus of our discussions has been on fundraising and the elements of putting together a strong grant application.

In our last two meetings, we have had the opportunity to have with us and listen to the contributions of two notable London grant funders speak on the topic of Needs & Researching Evidence, a fundamental aspect of any funding application and organisational purpose and Core Funding which is equally important for an organisation's development & sustainability. . 

So, what's on the Agenda for our next Meeting in April 2018?

It is worth emphasising that the quarterly meetings is also about networking and connecting with other projects / organisations. Important to start the conversations early and think of the added strength and value to be gained from collaborating to achieve your organisational mission!    

Book to attend the next Meeting and watch this space for more information!