Small Groups Network Meeting - 25 January 2018

Small Groups Network Meeting - 25 January 2018
25January 201817:45



The Small Groups Network meeting brings together people from community groups that are either completely run by volunteers, or have fewer than 2 paid members of staff. It is an opportunity to think about grassroots activitiy in the borough, network and meet others, and get support and information that is tailored to your needs.

What's on the Agenda for our Meeting in January 2018?

Core-funding / completing funding applications 

Key research supports the notion that core funding can provide voluntary & community organisations with an invaluable opportunity and the resources to plan, innovate, improve, provide breathing space to think / ensure a bit of security. Core funding also help create, maintain and build strong organisations.

Why is it so challenging for small community organisations to obtain core funding? How do you start to overcome this challenge? Our Meeting on 25 January 2018 will help you understand the wider issues and what you should be thinking about when asking a funder for core / running costs for your small community organisation.

Invited Speaker: an external speaker from the London Community Foundation will join the meeting / discussions and also present their open grant funding programmes.

Not to be missed!

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