I love Small Charities, let’s shout about it!

I love Small Charities, let’s shout about it!
Jo Palmer

It's the first day of Small Charities Week (19- 24 June): 'I Love Small Charities Day', which is a day to raise awareness of the work of all small charities across the UK. We’re celebrating the thousands of local charities that make a real difference to people’s lives.

The day provides local charities with a platform to promote the fantastic work they are doing and the many, varied benefits they bring to people, communities and good causes.

Southwark is home to 1,100 registered charities providing much needed and valued support to a very diverse local community. At Community Southwark, we see the work and impact many small charities and community groups make. We are very proud of the work of all the fantastic organisations that deliver support for a whole range of needs in the borough.

Small charities are often working at the grassroots level, tackling need directly in the community. They are impactful, even though their resources are limited. The one resource they regard highly and rely on greatly is their volunteers. With funding scarce in the sector, it is even more impressive at how much small charities and community groups achieve and what a huge difference they make.

Join the campaign!

Small Charities Week is running three competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help raise the profile of small charities with cash prizes for the winners.

Getting involved is easy, take a photo of yourself holding up a poster that reads: “I love (your charities name) because (why you love them)”.

Or take a video of yourself with your poster and shout out loud about why you love your charity. Then simply post it to either Twitter, Instagram or the Small Charity Week Facebook page, take a look here.

Please do include us in your ‘’I love my charity because…’’ tweets to @cosouthwark and use the hash tag: #ILoveSmallCharities. Let’s all shout about our wonderful charities! Keep us posted too about your events and activities and we’ll add them to our Community Southwark website through the week.

Events for Small Charities during Small Charity Week

Small Charity Week (19- 24 June) is the biggest event in the small charity calendar providing free initiatives, competitions and support over six days for charities or local community organisation with an annual turnover under £1.5 million. Here are just two London events taking place:

June 19 is the national Big Advice Day - event in City Hall, Central London, offering free 1:1 advice on any charity topic of your choosing from experts across the sector and business leaders. Book your free advice sessions now

June 22 is the FSI’s annual Fundraising Conference - offering delegates the opportunity to hear from expert speakers, sharing the best in fundraising practice.
Book your places now.

Full details on all Small Charity Week events and initiatives can be found on the Small Charity Week website www.smallcharityweek.com or follow @SCWeek2017 for breaking news.

Get in touch with Community Southwark for support

For useful advice, contact us on: development@communitysouthwark.org. We can talk through things on the phone or arrange a free appointment for you to come in and see us. Community Southwark can help you by working with you on your business plan and finance strategy. We also have a range of free resources and (mostly free) training to help you future-proof your organisation.