LUSH - Charity Pot Funding

Through Charity Pot and their Carbon Tax, Lush offers grants and funding to small, grassroots charities and campaign groups that are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources.

Lush supports small, grassroots organisations around the world that are working in the areas of animal protection, the environment , and human rights. The majority of their funding is allocated to smaller groups who struggle to find funding elsewhere.

Which organisations do they fund?

The majority of their funding is allocated to small, grassroots groups that are often best placed to make a real difference with limited resources and often struggle to find funding. Almost all the groups they fund have annual incomes of less than £250,000 and most are substantially smaller than this and run entirely or predominantly by volunteers. If your organisation is in the fortunate position of having many supporters and corporate sponsors or is able to secure mainstream funding such as government grants, you're probably not one for them.

How much can you apply for?

Their support ranges from a few hundred pounds to a maximum of £10,000 per project. The average grant is around £4,000.

All applications within the fields of animal protection, the environment , and human rights will be considered irrespective of their geographical location or how the organisation is registered, however, Lush will not support any organisation that:

  • Promotes or supports violence, aggression or oppression towards others (we will only support non-violent direct action groups)
  • Denies the human rights of others
  • Is involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research
  • Forces or coerces others to change their religious beliefs
  • Harbours racism, prejudice or judges others on anything other than their own actions
  • Has not made every effort to be environmentally responsible

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