LVSC takes final step towards a hub for London

LVSC takes final step towards a hub for London

After 107 years supporting London’s thousands of civil society organisations so they can meet the needs of our communities, London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) has transferred its remaining functions over to Greater London Volunteering (GLV) in preparation for the establishment of a hub for London.

LVSC started life as the Social Welfare Association for London, established at a meeting held on 4 March 1910 at the Mansion House, attended by the great and the good including the Chief Rabbi, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, the Chair of the Royal Commission on the poor Laws, the Chair of London County Council and the Lord Mayor.

LVSC’s name and direction has changed over the years, to reflect the changing nature, language and needs of London’s people and civil society. Our involvement with The Way Ahead has been the latest example of how LVSC has tried to best meet the needs of civil society groups.The findings from many consultations and working groups have informed our conclusion that the best way to meet the needs of the many different organisations in London is to combine the functions of LVSC and GLV and create a more responsive pan London support network – the London hub. We are delighted that this proposal has secured funding from City Bridge Trust and will be recruiting soon. We will be looking for innovative, passionate people to implement the vision we have, building on the legacy of LVSC.

LVSC would like to thank the hundreds of members of staff, trustees and volunteers who have been involved with LVSC over the years.

LVSC Chair Andy Gregg said ‘The spirit of LVSC and its networks will live on in the hub which will provide more comprehensive support to the whole of civil society in London, marking the start of a whole new chapter for our sector.’


The Way Ahead is an initiative started by LVSC, GLV and London Funders, funded by City Bridge Trust, and now steered by the Systems Change Group, a cross –sectoral grouping.  The Way Ahead proposes a system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way we all work.  It begins with co-producing an understanding of need and how to tackle it with our communities, through to better sharing of intelligence and data across all sectors, and making sure that civil society’s voice is heard in decision-making at a strategic level.

As the collaborative leader of London's voluntary, community and social enterprise sector London Voluntary Service Council has enabled a co-ordinated voice to influence policy makers, whilst supporting the 120,000 organisations that provide a range of services and support to London’s diverse communities and empower the lives of Londoners.

Greater London Volunteering is the regional partnership body for volunteering in London. Members include Volunteer Centres, large Volunteer-involving Organisations and Volunteer Development Agencies. It offers strategic and capacity-building support, coordinate activities and broker services to over 90,000 volunteers and over 14,000 organisations. It works at national and regional levels with partners such as VC Connect and the Greater London Authority (GLA), and at local level with the Volunteer Centres, it seeks to inform and influence local, regional and national government, decision-makers and funders on the value of high-quality, coordinated volunteering activity.

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