From the podium to the battlefield of HIV

From the podium to the battlefield of HIV

Fred Annin, my story my passion - From the podium to the battlefield of HIV

Fred Annin is Chief Executive Officer of Actonplus Foundation. Actionplus Foundation's vision is a world where people with HIV and AIDS ​do not experience poverty, ill-health and prejudice. They do this by: preventing the transmission of HIV, Promoting the benefits of early testing, reducing the poverty of people living with HIV and challenging prejudice through education.

This year Actionplus Foundation is celebrating their 20th anniversary in the UK and the 10th anniversary of their sister branch in Ghana West Africa. 

The beginning of the story can be found through the interview Fred Annin had in 1991 when he first visited the UK on a missionary trip by the invitation of the Chalk Farm Baptist Church in London. You can read the interview here.

Actionplus is an evidence based charity.

Actionplus Foundation - the untold story

As Fred says, ''If a story is not told nobody hears about it. Many great stories were not heard because nobody told anyone about it and so please spare me a little bit of your time today so I can briefly share with you the successful story behind Actionplus Foundation as we see it today...''

Read the full untold story here of Antionplus foundation's journey.