Southwark Catherdral 'Welcomers' needed

Southwark Catherdral are lookin for 'Welcomer' volunteers to be the human face of the Catherdral.

About Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is an inclusive Christian community growing in orthodox faith and radical love.    The marks of the Southwark Catherdral community are:
  • Confidence in God and the Gospel 
  • Passion for those on the edge of society
  • Engagement in vibrant theology and teaching
  • Prayerful service of our Bishop and Diocese
  • Love for London and the world

What is a Cathedral Welcomer Volunteer?

  The role of a Cathedral Welcomer is to present the 'human face' of the Cathedral and provide a warm welcome to all visitors. Working as part of a team, they are the point of reference for information and help. 

How to apply?

  To apply read the full role description and if you are interested please contact:    Michelle FordVolunteers’ Officer