Want help to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint?

Want help to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint?

City Bridge Trust are offering free eco audits for VCS organisations, to help reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills. You don’t have to be in receipt of a City Bridge Trust grant.

Aims of the initiative

Most of us are now well aware of our society’s dependence on vulnerable natural systems, and on dwindling global resources. We are less aware, however, of how to make practical changes in behaviour to minimise unwanted environmental damage – and this may apply especially in organisations which are not set up explicitly to address environmental concerns.

City Bridge Trust undertook a pilot programme of eco-audits of a sample of London’s third sector organisations in 2006. That exercise showed the scope and the challenges in regard to improving our environmental performance.

They are now extending this experience to more organisations, with a view to:

  • making specific and measurable reductions in carbon and waste
  • establishing the connections between environmental and social action
  • promoting other environmental benefits
  • embedding and spreading good environmental practice throughout the sector.

What will they fund?

The Trust will cover the costs of an eco-audit, training or consultancy provided by their approved consultants. 

Find out more

You can find out more and access a fund application form here.