Youth and play grant programme applications open!

Youth and play grant programme applications open!

Southwark Council has just announced that applications for the Youth and play grant programme 2017-2019  are now live!

The Council are seeking not for profit organisations to assist them to deliver its activities for children and young people strategy 2017-2020. Are you passionate about young people?  Are you in the business of engaging children and young people in constructive activities to support them in their journeys to adulthood and their desired destination?. Are you committed to making a difference to the children and young people of Southwark. If so, follow the link below to submit an application, and tell the Council what you can deliver to meet their 5 strategic outcomes:

Outcome 1: Happy “Children and young people have fun and feel happy”

Outcome 2: Healthy “Children and young people live healthy lives”

Outcome 3: Active “Children and young people participate and are active citizens”

Outcome 4: Safe “Children and young people feel safe and secure”

Outcome 5: Prepared “Children and young people have the life skills to succeed"

If you were at the Community Southwark event on 17th May you will know that questions were raised over the requirement for 50% match funding, which it was felt would exclude some organisations from the process. We are pleased to confirm that the representations made have led to the withdrawal of this clause, meaning there is  now NO MATCH Funding requirement for the youth and play grants 2017-2019. However, the Council are keen to understand the amount of other inward investment into the borough providing activities for children and young people, and to appreciate the level of in-kind contributions from your respective organisations, so please include this information in your proposals.

Please note: the overall age group for proposal to provide activities for Children and young people is 5 years to 19 years, and up to 25 years for young people with special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities.

When completing your proposals please ensure that you specify how many of the young people you intend to work with have SEN or have a disability. There will also be an additional field included in the outputs table (section 27 commissioning plan – monitoring outcomes).The number of young people benefiting from your programme who have a disability or have SEN.

This link below will take you to the application form, application guidance notes, Activities for children young people strategy 2017-19, Youth and play commissioning plan, consultation report with children and young people and the commissioning timescales. NOTE applications close at 9 am on 12 June.