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FEHRS Impact assessment on Children’s service cuts

Posted on the 18 April, 2011 at 10:53 am Written by in News, Policy Briefings

FEHRS Impact assessment on Children’s service cuts

The Forum for Equalities and Human Rights in Southwark, facilitated by the Southwark Legal Advice Network, has been commissioned by Southwark Council to act as ‘critical friend’ issues relating to Equalities and Human Rights.

As part of the role FEHRS feel that it is appropriate to feed into the process of developing a robust equality analysis of the impact of proposed funding cuts to services for children and young people.

Download the FEHRS briefing document here.

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  1. dcannon 10 May 2011 at 1:40 pm permalink

    I could not find any reference to Gypsy Roma Traveller communities in your briefing.

    These communities have suffered generations (centuries!) of discrimination (racism!) and therefore suffer disproportionatly low levels of health, education, employment and accommodation. Their systematic social exclusion makes them extremely ‘hard to reach’. The cuts threaten services that have been building relationships and working to improve the situation for over 30 years. Significant impacts have been made but from an extremely low base and they remain at the bottom of the pile.

    What efforts will you make to outreach to these highly marginalised groups???


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