Another Step Forward Limited

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17 Latimer. Beaconsfield Road, London, SE17 2EP

Another Step forward is a non-profit organisation for women that promotes health awareness in the community as well providing support and advice in other areas such as helping them find employment.

The aim is to build a better community around us where women are involved in certain areas where they should belong, encouraging them to promote good health personally, within the family and their community. There are several reasons where women do not put their health as important and it could be due to factors such as lack of education.

At Another Step Forward, we are also supporting women by providing training to them with the necessary skills to improve their awareness on health issues which is a big concern in communities around us.

We also want to improve their job propects when it comes to looking for employment by providing them with training and support which in turn will help them provide a better life for their family.

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