Cambridge House

Cambridge House
Telephone number 
020 7358 7000
Contact Name 
Karin Woodley
Address / Location 
1 Addington Square
London SE5 0HF

We tackle the injustice of poverty by promoting social justice and driving community empowerment. We've done this since 1889. We believe that everyone should have access to justice and liberty and that no voice should ever go unheard.

It is easy to take justice and liberty for granted. But, too often, we are deprived of these basic rights as poverty strips away the knowledge and resources we need to get our voices heard. Since 1889, Cambridge House has stood up for those who lack the ability and capacity to protect their own rights. By offering free expert legal advice and professional advocacy services we 'give voice' to the most vulnerable people in our society, increase access to justice for those without the means to pay, promote social inclusion, tackle inequality and address gaps in statutory provision.

Community Empowerment

We equip our communities with the tools they need to break free from poverty.

By creating pathways to education and employment, supporting the vulnerable to live their lives to the full, enabling families and communities to tackle deprivation and nurturing our successor generations, we empower individuals and organisations to strive for a better future.

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