COVO Connecting Voices

COVO Connecting Voices
Parent and toddlers group
Telephone number 
020 7635 0007
Contact Name 
Angelo Piccigallo
Address / Location 
12b Asylum Road
London SE15 2RL

Founded in 1996 as a supplementary school for children and a cultural café offering artists and musicians a platform to a diverse audience, COVO has developed into an organisation specialized in developing new approaches to learning, training and engaging communities. We have been based in London borough of Southwark since 1999. 

To date COVO has forged important partnership links with Goldsmiths University tutors and students and Southwark local authority. COVO receives school referrals from Southwark Behaviour Support Team and was commissioned by Southwark Play Service to conduct a feasibility study of local play provision for Southwark Play Strategy 2006-2007. In partnership with Southwark Agency Supporting Schools Program (ASSP), COVO has developed Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning programmes (SEAL) in primary and secondary schools. Since 2007 we have worked in partnership with Southwark Children's Services to develop a self-evaluation toolkit and bespoke training for 25 supplementary and mother tongue schools in Southwark. 


COVO runs a range of projects and services across London and England tailored to the needs of young people, families, schools and organisations. These are funded programmes and/or commissioning services for local authorities, statutory and third sector organisations. 

Currently COVO's focus is: 
- Working with excluded young people in pupil referral units / CSS 
- Supporting children and young people into and through secondary education 
- Providing young people with out-of-school multimedia training 
- Providing parenting programmes tailored to the needs of families 
- Sharing effective practices with teachers and practitioners


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