Helping Hands for Refugees and Disabled

Telephone number 
07 77 10 593 09
Address / Location 
The Froud Centre
1 Toronto Ave
E12 5JF

We are a non-profit community group run by skilled volunteers dedicated to helping socially-disadvantaged people and groups, as well as improving the quality of life and sustaining healthy communities.

Our community group is disability led & our project was set up by elderly & disabled people.

We aim to help members of BME, BMER, LGBT and all communities by-
• Helping to improve the quality of life of elderly and disabled people
• Reducing their isolation
• Encouraging involvement in activities with communities
• Building self esteem and confidence
• Making them feel safer in their community
• Encouraging young volunteers to build bridges with the elder generation
• Helping young volunteers to gain new skills and qualification
• Promoting health and wellbeing of elderly and Disabled people
• Reducing social disadvantage and poverty


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