Hopeway Ministries International

Telephone number 
02036057823, 07572363199

Hopeway Ministries International is the community development department and outreach arm of of Hopeway Church, a young and vibrant group based in southwark council London with about 80 percent membership of young people. Our objective is to promote More efficient operation of common services and activities for the benefit of the southwark people with a keen interest and involvment with the young people and the health inequalities in our community. Hopeway, is driven with the passion to change lives and continues to achieve this by offering it's weekly free coffee and get together sessions once every week where counsellings are given and people are empowered to overcoming issues like: lonliness, addictions, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, depression etc. Additionally, Hopeway believes that the health inequals in our society deserves an equal and fair treatment, support and accompanionship and have continiously been engaged in the past months on how to promote common activities that will sustain good and exciting experience with people who are in need of social care in our communities.