Thames Reach Employment Academy

Thames Reach Employment Academy
The Lecture Room – accommodates up to 110 people
Telephone number 
0203 617 6070
Address / Location 
29 Peckham Road
Venue Category 

The Employment Academy offers a range of spaces for commercial and community use.

A grand event space, meeting rooms, training areas hot desks and a spacious external courtyard are all available for hire at the Employment Academy.

Discounts apply to all community groups. All rooms have step-free access and include free WiFi and reception services.

Please contact us to talk about spaces available at the Employment Academy.

To find out more call 0203 617 6070 or email 

Who can rent space at the Employment Academy?

The event space and meeting rooms are available to anyone – individuals, charities, community groups, and companies. The self-contained offices are available to charities, statutory service providers, individuals or companies who serve the main purpose of the Employment Academy: helping people back into employment.

I am not a charity and my work is not related to the Employment Academy mission – can I rent a desk space/office?

Yes, particularly in the open-plan areas we encourage people from outside the sector, but offices may be available as well and it is always worth sending an enquiry. We ask that all partners and tenants adhere to the Employment Academy’s ethos and encourage active participation in our efforts to achieve our aims.

Who can use the Employment Academy?

The Employment Academy is designed specifically to provide assistance to those most in need. Many of our clients have been long-term unemployed and some have a history of homelessness. We aim to be entirely inclusive and open to anyone with a sincere desire to gain employment. We are not, however, targeted at those who are likely to have easy access to the job market, such as well-qualified people with a good employment record and sought-after skills, as they won’t require the specific assistance provided by the Employment Academy.

I would like to hold an event on a weekend or evening. Is this possible?

Yes, our event spaces and meeting rooms are available on evenings and weekends. For more information please contact us on 0203 617 6070 or email