FREE Stuff! (Building Stronger Foundations)

FREE Stuff! (Building Stronger Foundations)

Our members carry out incredible and needed work in exciting and innovative ways, however, with the ever changing political and economic landscape, groups are facing difficulties in all sorts of areas. It is increasingly important to make sure your organisation has all of key building blocks in place: Governance; financial systems; a business plan; safeguarding etc. to make managing these difficulties easier, so you thrive.

Community Southwark work to provide the best quality support to orgainsations at low cost if not free. We also hear about all sorts of free stuff, including pro-bono lawyers, useful tools, website builders and much more. When we hear about it, you can find it on this page or email to find out who we could signpost you to:

Community Southwark Resources:

We have loads of great, free resources on our website. Here are a few interactive tools to get you started:

Finance Quiz: Take our quick finance quiz to find out moe about the state of your organisations finances and what you can do to strengthen financial management.

Good Governance Quiz: take our quick quiz to find out moe about where your governance is and how you can strengthen it.

Income Generation Quiz: Take a quick quiz to look at the state of your fundraising and how you can increase your income diversity.

Initail Assessment: If your group is thinking about picking a legal structure, try filling out this initial assessment first and sending it to the development team who can use the information to provide you with the different legal forms your group could take.

Building a case for support: a basic outline to help you to write out your case for support that can be used for funding bids, to attract donations etc.

External Resources:

Please see the attached spreadsheet listing all resources and free support available to the voluntary and community sector. It is divided into topics such as Legal, Human Resources, IT/Technology Solutions etc. It is indicated whether the services is free or charged for.

This list will be updated regularly: if you hear of any useful support that other groups could benefit from, please do let us know so we can add it to the list.

FREE STUFF (Signposting and Resources for the Voluntary and Community Sector - Free and charged for)

**Please note, this list is a list of available resources; Community Southwark do not endorse or recommend any in particular.