Lambeth Small Groups Network: Finding & Maintaining Volunteers

Lambeth Small Groups Network: Finding & Maintaining Volunteers
05September 201718:00


Blenheim CDP, Blenheim Central Office, 210 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2JU
What is the Small Groups Network?

The Small Groups Network meeting brings together people from community groups that are either completely run by volunteers, or have fewer than 3 paid members of staff or less than 30,000 pounds income per annum.

It is an opportunity to think about grassroots activitiy in the borough, network and meet others, and get support and information that is tailored to your needs

What's on the Agenda?

The agenda will change every quarter based upon what you want to talk about.

On the agenda for this meeting is VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT: finding and maintaing your volunteers

- How do you look after your volunteers when you have few or no staff?

- How much of your resources should you put into volunteer management?

- What does good volunteer management look like?

Marissa Charles, our Volunteer Management and Best Practice Officer will explore what volunteer management looks like in different sizes of organisations, taking best practice and making it it practical and useful for smaller organisations such as yours.

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see in future small groups network meeting please e-mail

Further Information

Please note: We will be starting promptly at 6pm so please try to arive by 5.45pm.
The network is FREE, we will provide refreshments but please do bring along any extra food you may want.

We will be confimring the venue soon