Volunteer Managers Network meeting

Volunteer Managers Network meeting
17April 201911:00


Community Southwark

Who the event is for?

A space for local Volunteer Managers/Coordinators/Supervisors to come together and talk about what’s working well, what’s not and feeding back to Community Southwark how we can support you.

What will we talk about?

The Focus of the April meeting is "Supporting Volunteers with Mental health"

Come along from 11am to 1pm and find out more.

What do you get?

A space for you to air and discuss both individual and organisational issues and concerns around volunteer management - whether it's difficult volunteers, poor recruitment or a general lack of support within the organisation for the work that you are doing.

Ultimately, it's a place for you to Network and share your stories and best practice and resources.

Come along with your stories and be prepared for a lively conversation.