Youth Work Volunteer and / or Mentor

Youth Work Volunteer and / or Mentor

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of young people in Southwark? Volunteer at the Salmon Youth Centre, an organisation that welcomes around 500 young people from all backgrounds, between 6 and 25 years old every week.

What day: Youth clubs are mainly Mon - Fri afternoons and evenings. Mentoring may hapen at anytime during the week

Time commitment: minumum 3 hrs per week for a year

Where: Bermondsey

About the organisation

Salmon Youth Centre is a Christian organisation has been reaching out to young people of all backgrounds in inner city London for over a hundred years. They inspire young people to reach their potential and contribute positively to the community in which they live.

They promote positive change in young people and support their transition to adulthood in three key ways:

  • Improving young people’s Health & Wellbeing
  • Preparing young people for Education & Work
  • Involving young people in positive Community Engagement

Purpose of role

Your role is to facilitate young people's engagement in fun activities and also build a positive relationship with them, so you can assist them in their personal development.

Many of the young people they work with lack positive encouraging relationships with adults and so if you commit to them you will be a significant person in their lives. Salmon Youth Centre aim to improve young people's health and wellbeing, achievement in education and work and community engagement.

Main activities/tasks:

As a volunteer in our youth work sessions you will help plan, set up and run social / sports / arts / music / adventure activities and engage in these with young people. You will also develop relationships with the young people that enable you to help them address some of the problems in their lives and assist them in their personal development. 

As a mentor you will be matched with one particular young person and will develop a deeper relationship with them (and also their family) by engaging in activities at the centre and also out in the community. The young person may have a requested a mentor or be referred by their teacher / parent / social worker for help with behaviour problems, a difficult home situation, a disability etc.

Who are they looking for?

Essential – A desire to help young people and a willingness to commit to them both in terms of regularly spending time with them over the course of at least a year and also in terms of being enthusiastic, patient and persistent in building positive relationships with them.

Desirable – Good communication, leadership and team-working skills. Experience and enthusiasm in sports / arts / music / adventure activities. Previous experience of working with children / young people.

What the volunteer will gain from the opportunity:

The satisfaction of investing your time into a young person at a critical point in their lives and making a long lasting positive difference.

The opportunity to learn improve skills through training 'on the job' and also in dedicated training sessions;

  •  Activity specific e.g. sports / fitness / music / arts / adventure skills
  • Communication, self confidence, leadership and team work skills
  • Youth work knowledge and skills

You will be able to add them to your CV and they can give you a reference if required.

You will become part of one of the biggest youth centres in the country and have the opportunity to meet many new people involved at Salmon and also in the wider community through our many partners.

Other information:

  • Salmon Youth Centre are a Christian organisation but you do not need to be a Christian to volunteer with us, we welcome young people and volunteers of all faith backgrounds and those who do not have a faith.
  • They will do a DBS check and require 2 references.
  • You will undergo an initial induction and ongoing training programme.

Main point of contact: Reception at the Salmon Youth Centre

Contact Details: 020 7237 3788,

Website link: