Have you head about Angella's Kitchen?

Have you head about Angella's Kitchen?

Angella Williams set up Angella's Kitchen in 2014 and most recently received funding to start a social enterprise called The Healed Project.

In 2008, Angela graduated from King's College with an MA in Criminology then spent the last few years compiling a manuscript after the fees for Doctoral studies were too expensive.  During her time of study, her research had focused on Why Battered Women Stay and Domestic Violence in the Church. Funding has now enabled Angella to focus on what she previously wanted to explore which was Victim Offenders.

With so many checks and balances in place to protect the innocence of children, some 20 even 40 years ago, many children were failed by the system and went on to become adult casualties and as a result what measures are being implemented to ensure their wellbeing.

Angella's Kitchen, in Colloboration with The Healed Project, is seeking to change policy, move away from stigma of guilt and shame to contribute towards encouraging and empowering women to become successful in business.

How to find out more and get involved?

For more information or to find out how you can get involved, email: team@angellawilliams.co.uk