PDSA in the Community

PDSA is the UK’s leading Veterinary Charity. They offer free & reduced cost vet care to pets of people in need, providing 2.7million veterinary treatments to 470,000 pets every year in their 48 hospitals nationwide, including a number of hospitals in and around London.

Part of PDSA is a fantastic FREE educational services that can also be delivered in your community. The PDSA team works closely within schools, and local communities to educate on pet health & wellbeing and to recognise and raise the value of pets in society. This is provided through:

  • Talks & workshops in schools, community groups and various organisations – covering a range of topics to answer all of those burning pet questions including…Which is the right pet for me?  What does my pet really need to be happy and healthy? How can I better understand how my dog is feeling? How can I help my pet in an emergency situation?

One of our most popular workshops is Canine Communication - learn about keeping dogs safe around humans and vice versa, recent alarming statistics state that hospital admissions for dog bite incidents has increased by 76% in the last 10 years, with most admissions being in children under 10. Many incidents like this can be avoided if we learn to understand dog body language to identify when a dog is feeling happy and relaxed or anxious and tense and take appropriate action to diffuse the situation.

  • Community events – providing  free pet health & wellbeing checks, advice and a range of minor procedures (includes microchipping, nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal gland expression as required)

Get in touch and find out more

Contact the team at teatum.melissa@pdsa.org.uk if you would like to discuss any of these services.