Collaborating with other voluntary organisations 12 November 2019

12November 201910:00
Cambridge House, SE5 0HF

Collaboration between voluntary organisations and across the sector has greatly increased over the last fifteen years, driven by a desire to reduce costs and enhance service delivery. Funders frequently require bids to demonstrate effective partnership arrangements. But what does collaboration mean in practice? How can it be made to work effectively?

This (pilot) session is for anyone working in the voluntary and community sector (including social enterprises), who is considering whether collaboration could increase their impact. If it is, what form might that take, and how can it be managed successfully?

We will define what collaboration and partnership mean and identify different forms of collaboration as part of a continuum.

By the end of the session, you will be able to understand your options in relation to collaborating with others, and  identify ways to develop and maintan effective collaboration.

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for any trustee or staff member who is involved in looking whether collaboration could benefit their beneficiaries.

Course content:

What is 'Collaboration' ?

  • 'The Spectrum of Collaboration'/different ways of working
  • Collaboration amongst VCOs/cross sector collaboration
  • Benefits of Collaboration
  • Risks of Collaboratiom


Why are you thinking about collaboration?

  • What are you seeking to achieve: Prioriting beneficiaries.
  • What would 'success' look like?


What sort of working arrangement?

  • Different types of joint working agreements
  • How formal should this be?
  • How to develop a joint working agreement


Sustaining collaboration:

  • Communicate, listen, review, improve
  • Dealing with things not going to plan
  • Adaption and compromise.



On completion of this 'Collaboration with other voluntary organisations' session, participants will be able to Understand the different meanings of 'collaborating'

  • Understand the potential advantages/disadvantages for their beneficiaries and organisation
  • Know which form of working or legal agreement would be relevant
  • Understand the process of successful collaboration and how to sustain it.

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