Recruiting and Managing Volunteers for Small/Community Groups - 18 Oct

18October 201718:00



Many small groups are now looking outside their networks for support.  Bringing on new volunteers, who you may not know and may not know you or your organisation can bring many benefits but also needs to be managed well.

This training has been developed specifically for small groups and community groups who want to involve more volunteers safely without feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork and process that is often associated with formal volunteering programmes.

The focus of this training is around safety of volunteers and service users and will enable you to think through all the any risks, no matter how big or small, and develop simple guidelines for volunteers and formulate processes proportionate to the resources you have available.

Keeping it simple is key.

Who should attend?

Small groups with either less than 2 or no paid staff, who invovle volunteers in their activities. 

Local Community Groups looking to involve more local people in their activities.


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£75.00 to non Community Southwark members

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